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About Australiana

The warmth of the Australian Outback can be both beautiful and typically Aussie!

The old outdoor dunny with of course the old red-back spider thrown in. The General store with its pots and pans and all matter of wares. The rickety fencing that looked like it was erected in another decade! The barb wire, the old water tank, the Rusty windmill standing tall over the dry paddock! The gum trees looking glum amongst the outback dust. The odd Cockatoo sitting on the porch with the a kangaroo bounding past the black stump. All these things make the Australian bush theme one of the most enduring and popular themes available.

A gorgeous wildflower centerpiece and lovely orange linen reflecting the strength of the Aussie Sun complements and slightly modernizes the theme. Linen can be altered to suit your needs and the specific feeling of the theme.

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