Wild West: Saloon Girls, Cowboys, Indians

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About Wild West: Saloon Girls, Cowboys, Indians

Ye Haaaaa!

If you want an event that's fun and one that you can get your teeth stuck into the wild west is the one for you.

Its a little bit silly and a little bit serious... But always a hit with the ladies and gentlemen alike.

It's a theme full of interaction, from gambling and drinking in the saloon bar to watching the saloon girls kick up there heels down that spiral balcony staircase.

If your not careful you will end up in the jail with the other lawbreakers rattling tins and sleeping it off.

The bank tends to get robbed a lot so be wary when you are depositing, sometimes the Sheriff is hard to find!

To the South the Indians have set up camp. There Tepee's puffing smoke in the distance, there cooking fires alight. Chief Running Bull and his Squaws keep vigil.

To the north "Boothill" Cemetery stands, its gravestones sullen with lives lost from the harsh Western life.

Gunslingers and lawmakers hold up the buildings, watching quietly who is coming into town! Coffins lean distastefully perched reminding us of the danger of dying young in the West. Dirty Harry eat your heart out, Clint's got nothing on this!

Entertainment Suggestions:

This theme lends itself to lots of entertainment. Roving characters such as Calamity Jane, Running Bull, Indians, Squaws, Saloon Girls, Honky tonk piano man and other characters.

We have previously put together a "How the West was won" pantomime which was incredibly funny, involving real horses in the PCEC ball room!

The great thing about the Wild West is that it allows you to use interactive games, such as a shooting gallery, Horse Shoe throw and bull riding to name a few. Its a great night out for everyone!

Wild West: Saloon Girls, Cowboys, Indians
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