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Perth 2010

Theming, Staging, Lights

About Something Spooky

"Its kooky and its spooky" its really kind of kitsch! There is nothing quite like the unusual resurgence of the popularity of the Haunted mansion. With popular culture focusing once again on the slightly odd things that go bump in the night, the haunted house has been a popular theme for 2010...

We have a range of prop's to match this theme, including some very impressive entry gates, guarded by Henry and James (Yes named after the novelist) our two very attractive gargoyles. A spooky cemetery with Mausoleum and ancient gravestones and rickety fencing... You can almost feel the dead souls watching you as you pass by.

Coffins and mummies and zombies and vampires, 'Buffy' eat your heart out, you have nothing on our ghoul's and ghosts..

Our haunted dinning room is complete with cobwebs and red velvet, old candelabras that are gathered in dust and the odd dead flower of two.

Its fun, its cool, its a little bit scary and a little bit funny, its not just for Halloween....

Something Spooky
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