Venetian Carnival

Perth WA

Theming, Staging, Lighting

Under the moonlight the gondolas come alive as the pass by the ancient buildings along the canals. Backdrops of masks overlooking Murano Island adorn the walls. Giant masks depict the mystery that is Venice at night! Bobbing quietly in calm water gondolas wait patiently on each side of the stage while Venice's famous painted poles stand unsteadily against the flow!

About Venetian Carnival

The beauty of Venezia comes alive in this theme.. Not even the real Venice could ever be more beautiful.

The bridge of Sighs stands quietly on stage, an ode to more infamous times and enduring myth. Beautiful masks adorn the tables with gold candelabras... Crystal chandeliers drop for the ceiling over the dance floor. Roaming the room Artisans add to the mystery that is carnival as the mist rises up from the canals behind...

Beautiful, Stunning, Perfect, Unforgettable Venice

Venetian Carnival
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