Kooey Swimwear Launch 2008

Perth WA

Theming, Staging, Lights

Kooey fashion parade

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About Kooey Swimwear Launch 2008

Kooey Swimwear a fully Australian owned company held its international launch at the Perth Convention and exhibition Centre as part of the Perth Fashion festival 2008.

In conjunction with Kooey and Gacci Productions, Kate Wilson Events provided all the launch infrastructure for the event resulting in a hugely successful evening that was recognised both nationally and internationally.

Our show 'brief' was to reflect the truly Australian brand in a modern and entertaining way to complement the "Victoria Secret" inspiration behind the parade. Our focus was not only on the overall look of the room but also on ensuring the parade was visually 'spectacular' and 'brand' focused.

Our show design placed great emphasis on the vision with three projector screens involved in theming each parade section with ease and allowing easy change up for each change of mood. The screen's were slightly different to normal, with a screen wrap being used instead of the traditional projector screen configuration. A standard screen was used to frame the girls centre stage.

The Catwalk was traditional white and done in a melamine which was custom built for the event. A 12 metre box chandelier hung directly above the stage to add an extra touch of glamour. Led drapes were added to stage left and right to provide further visual depth. Each colour was varied depending upon the colour inspiration seen on the catwalk.

A reveal was used to open the show to give it that extra punch! The vision, lighting, sound and pyrotechnic effects were coordinated to the last detail with each show section pertaining to a different theme. It was a flawless night of fun,fancy and fabulous swimwear!!!

Kooey's international launch was voted the highlight of the Fashion festival calender, resulting in the brand gaining a contract with the Miss Universe Australia pageant as their exclusive Swimwear supplier.. It has also contributed to their successful showing in Los Angeles at the G'day Australia week. The results speak for themselves....

Kooey Swimwear Launch 2008
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