Hollywood Private Hospital: Glimmer 2011

Perth 2010

Theming, Staging, Lights

About Hollywood Private Hospital: Glimmer 2011

Kate Wilson Events was privileged to work with Hollywood Private Hospital on their Annual Doctors dinner on stage at the beautiful Health Ledger Theatre. The event brief was to harmoniously develop a theme that emphasised the beauty of the Theatres gold tones and aesthetics and bring them to life on stage. Under the combined initiatives of all involved a Jewellery box theme was developed under the Moniker "Glimmer". Central to the theme was our trapped ballerina existing in her gilded cage until her prince releases her. The Jewellery box was constructed to fit the venue space and the gold and white aesthetic. In order to make the event come alive we built a six metre, three tiered chandelier to allow us to 'release' our ballerina as a showpiece for the event. The second tier was built to fly off and back to the custom built stage when required. Starting on stage and the start of the evening with our ballerina trapped inside and flying up to become the beautiful chandelier on our ballerinas escape. Once in place the individually strung crystals were dropped in so that she would be dancing under 'glittering' diamonds.

The stage was constructed to fit exactly inside the second tier so that we could silhouette our ballerina prior to the jewellery flying out to become the lighting feature.

It was a stunning result working fluidly with the theatres state of the art fly system.

The lovely voices of Ali Bodycoat who we hung out of the ceiling for dramatic effect and Julia Jenkins who we lowered from the ceiling for dramatic effect with make-up and styling by Hendra finished the ensemble cast.

White scalloped drapes lined the sides of the theatre allowing us to feature the beautiful routed gold panels on each side. These six metre panels gave detail and structure to the event.

Gold and white table cloths were featured with gold and white Tiffany chairs. Sticking to our gold theme, mirrored gold panels were hung above patrons heads, of which the lights were aimed directly at. This gave an almost radiant mirroring and movement to the event reflecting onto every surface. Beautilful graphics for projection onto the white scrim were designed by Paul King, finishing the event styling... The colours of the flowers mirrored the colours of the event and of the state theatre, With accompanying flowers by Becky Grace the event fulfilled its brief of "Glimmer".

Kate Wilson events looks forward to working with Penny Tassone and her team from Hollywood Private Hospital on future inspired projects like "Glimmer"

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Hollywood Private Hospital: Glimmer 2011
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