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Our client brief was to produce an evening of which even this famous 'bard' would be proud. Based around a number of famous scenes from his timeless plays Shakespeare's prose came alive in the main ballroom of the Perth Convention Centre for GHD's annual staff thank you. Eleven hundred of GHD's staff attended the evening of dancing and Elizabethan entertainment.

About GHD Corporate Ball

The main entry to the evening was designed around Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London. Ornate painted and marbled columns with ladies in relief against both walls greeted the guests down the red carpet. Shakespeare's 'Midsummer's nights dream' was the flag stone around which the event was tailored. A 30 minute stage production scripted for GHD around Shakespeare's 3 plays including 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Taming of the shrew'. Five professional actors were cast to play the lead characters in his famous scenes.

The events thymine was designed and constructed specifically to meet the need of the event. Three separate stages for each play were installed to allow the focus to change to different points of the room, allowing the audience to be right amongst the action at different times. The main stage was the 'Romeo and Juliet' balcony which was built with the original Italian setting in Verona in mind. It was double storied to allow Romeo to climb up the balcony to meet his Juliet!

The central stage and dance floor area was designed with an enormous forested tree were Puck, Oberon, Titania and donkey play their mischievous games, where all the faeries are sleeping amongst the gnarled roots and starry Sky's. This was a thread continued through the centrepieces, with fig trees, flowers, moss, mushrooms and butterfly's on every table.

Stage three featured a large forest backdrop were sword fighting skills were tested by Shakespeare's character's. This stage on completion of the evening was used for Elizabethan games for entertainment of the guests. From games of skill like target practice to bouncy castles for Adults, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Even a photo opportunity with the Bard himself!

The Faeries entertained the guests for the evening acting as roaming characters and managing the games and prizes for the remainder of the evening. It was a great success with the guests and critics alike...

GHD Corporate Ball
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